While practicing meditation, Bibbi can transport her consciousness to another dimension. In this dimension, she meets extraordinary characters with fascinating stories. Her most intense and profound connections with other beings occur there, always surrounded by a deep Klein-blue universe.

The Bibbi perfume collection is based on these tales and meetings in her meditative subconscious state of mind. 

The fragrances are not merely scents; they are narratives, stories woven from the threads of her inner world. These imaginative, unisex scents invite everyone to partake in the brand’s unique journey into the subconscious. The unisex scents are her way of putting these findings into a narrative that invites everyone to be a part of her subconsciousness. 

And by the way, Bibbi is Stina and Stina is Bibbi.

Find her on instagram at @stina.bibbi

The real work you have to do is your inner connection,
in the privacy of your own heart.